Raising Adorable Children: Good parenting is easier said than done but not impossible. Let Raising Adorable Children help you raise your kids in a morally sound environment.

the Book

Children usually look to their parents as their first teachers and role models. How can mothers and fathers ensure they’re raising their children right?

Take a few cues from Nancy Stanton Kempis’s Raising Adorable Children.

After observing the horrors plaguing modern youth, she decided to release her book as a friendly reminder to parents. She gives sound advice on Christian parenting to guide them through instilling priceless biblical values in their children as they grow into adulthood.

Help your children grow into the best version of themselves with this effective guide.

Nancy Stanton Kempis

the Author

Nancy Stanton Kempis started writing fiction stories in 2001 while in remission from breast cancer. She became an active member of Shalom Outreach Ministries AG/NY in 2009 while working with a caregiver agency specializing in newborn children and toddlers. The mother of four plans to release more books.



Knowing the commandments of God and the Golden Rule is not enough. I knew these by heart, but it did not help me achieve my goals and the things my heart desired. In other words, I needed to grow spiritually, despite having head knowledge about everything I was taught as a child.

The Bible is filled with instructions on how to raise successful children. As responsible Christian mothers, it is our ultimate responsibility to mold our children to become delightful and upright individuals, raised with the right beliefs and principles based on the Word of God.

Being a parent should be a joyous experience. Parents, being the child’s first teachers, should have strong spiritual convictions, and a mother should begin to include the child in her womb in her worship.

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